My AI classes, the program

(if you’re reading this and are from hub-franceia, you can take this as an uncomplete list of the basics I know and can teach)

The Organisation

The course is made out of 3 cycles. Each cycle is made of 3 classes, around 1h30 long.
Two of these classes are common to all configs, and the last one depends on the theme you picked.

Common Classes

These are classes about the most important knowledge, which includes data science principles, framework use, intuition on most AI systems, etc..


The extra lessons can have the following Themes

  • Reinforcement Learning / State-Agent Systems

  • Text Models, Time Sequences and Transformers

  • Image Models, Genrative Techniques

Overall Program:

  • Intro to Optimization Problems

  • Intro to Models and Neural Networks

  • Basics of the Theme

    • Intro to Genetic Algorithms

    • Intro to Recurrent Layers

    • Intro to Computer Vision

  • File Reading / Writing

  • Optimizers and Losses

  • Other Technique

    • OpenAI Gym / Cartpole with a DQN

    • Text Generation with GRUs

    • Image Generation with a DCGAN

  • Functions, Normalization and Smaller Models

  • Another way of seeing things

  • Project based on the Theme