Julia Sets in Uni

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The source Union code and c++ version can be found here (coming soon)
Huge thanks to Dan Shiffman from the Coding Train for his initial video in the topic !
I totally stole the algorithm here, so go check him out
The original version can be found here

What are Julia Sets ?

Julia sets are closely tied to the Mandelbrot set. They can be consierdered the residues / parts of it.
More explanations in my other article

Single Julia Sets

A Julia Set can be defined using its c component.
They’re formed just like the Mandelbrot set, but instead of c being the point you’re computing, it is constant to the set.

image of a single set

Visualize multiple ones

Then, you can use sine waves (that oscillate back and forth between -1 and 1) to explore a lot of sets !

The Video

The image quality isn’t that high, and the YT algorithm doesn’t like fractals.
I’ll probably make a version better suited for this site’s color theme !
You can make yours any quality using my program ! Contact me or DM me on Discord (Maxime#0697) to send me your beautiful version.